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BiA joining ARC!

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BiA joining ARC!

Post by SixenSix on 17/6/2011, 21:36

Hi peeps.
We have close ties to a Clan called BiA. The lads who run it are old friends of ours and some of them are members here already. Anyway they are closing their site for various reasons and moving to ARC permanently. This means that we may be getting some new members fron the US so plz make them feel welcome (as I know U will). This is also good news for the the NA members we have here already....more peeps in their timezone. The NA members will have their own slice of ARC to talk about NA stuff, arrange games etc., but the will also be able to post anywhere else of course. Airborne and Slayr (admins at BiA) and Deathangel will be have the moderating responsibility of the NA forums. Welcome to any former BiA'ers who join Very Happy


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ARC Post Whore

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Re: BiA joining ARC!

Post by Guest on 18/6/2011, 19:26

As six has said it all already i'll just add a welcome from myself Very Happy

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Re: BiA joining ARC!

Post by MCE 81 on 20/6/2011, 13:24

Nooooooooo. Not the chaps from NA. Don't....You Cant....... Wait a minute, I'm in NA. Nevermind. Embarassed

Welcome peeps. A lot of names I recognize from the old days, as well as some new ones. Welcome. Very Happy
MCE 81
ARC staff
ARC staff

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Re: BiA joining ARC!

Post by Lord Farnswaller on 20/6/2011, 13:30

Six I thought we discussed this and we agreed NO?
I mean okay they are cute, eat pop tarts and drive fancy cars but think of all that bottled up testostorun they'll bring. Also remember what happened to Botty when he 'accidently' went into Grandma's house!

The depravity of it all........

When a mummy troll and a daddy douchebag love each other very much, they share a special hug. Sometimes, nine months later, the result is a beautiful baby shat goblin.

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Re: BiA joining ARC!

Post by Sponsored content

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