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Abusing other Member's at ARC

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Abusing other Member's at ARC

Post by ARC Fireangel on 28/1/2015, 10:26

Today I had to delete a thread in the Destiny Section due to it involving abuse onto another member at ARC. To anyone who post's derogatory remarks about someone or post's a thread just to get a rise out of someone your comments/thread will be deleted. I let myself down for letting this thread escalate and in future will be more diligent and step in quicker. This is a verbal warning and if anyone has an issue with any other member please leave it at the door before entering ARC. We are a community of Gamer's who are here to help each other, Remember "YOU'LL NEVER DIE ALONE",  not to abuse one another.   Very Happy
ARC Fireangel
ARC staff
ARC staff

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Re: Abusing other Member's at ARC

Post by SixenSix on 28/1/2015, 11:28

Good one Fire.
ARC Post Whore
ARC Post Whore

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Re: Abusing other Member's at ARC

Post by mutantblues on 28/1/2015, 13:02

To add to this I've also deleted a thread on this topic.

If you are getting abuse from another member or have any complaints to make please message a member of staff and let us try to sort it out.

Posting a complaint on the boards with out trying to sort things out can just escalate things or at the least are just unproductive, as was the one I deleted.

If you are found to have been abusing another member, you will most likley be kicked out of the clan. There is no excuse for it.

Lastly please don't post personal information or contact details of other members.

Viva la NOBO

ARC staff
ARC staff

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Re: Abusing other Member's at ARC

Post by TattasticGamerVR on 28/1/2015, 13:19

Cheers Fire, been trying to get on the forum to delete that thread myself (using Proxy at work, but it was tempremental).

I completely agree with what has been said, if you have a problem with another member, please leave it at the door. We would like to see everyone get on, but I know from other personal experiences this is not always possible, if this is the case I think Psy put it perfectly the now deleted post - just do not game and message each other.
ARC 13
ARC 13

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Re: Abusing other Member's at ARC

Post by wezbloke on 28/1/2015, 20:10

Hats off to the awesome ARC mods for stepping in on this.

I'll apologize for being absent most of January. But i'll be around more from early next month and won't be tolerating any poop.

On the back of this and myself and Tat will be looking to recruit some extra mods to help keep an eye on things and also help out around the site in general. We have one or two people in mind already, and will approach them soon.

ARC staff
ARC staff

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Re: Abusing other Member's at ARC

Post by Sponsored content

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