Fortnite Battle Royal

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Fortnite Battle Royal

Post by ayohell on 6/10/2017, 00:36

Fun game for free on PC, Xbox and playstation.
A more cartoonish and arcade style game in the BR type game, I have been playing some solo and squad (4 player) and now tonight duo's having a good laugh especially in squads with a few mates, it's a little like H1Z1 in the gun-play and lacking the accuracy and tension of PUBG but it does add a building element which with a little practice is fast and fun. enjoyable with a few mates but no PUBG by a long chalk.
here is a clip of the last five minutes of my first solo win where I flounder my way getting used to the controls to the last few and even get the new supply drop and with only 3 of us left think the others are in the only house left in the zone, so level that only to have a last lucky.... oops spoiler Wink

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