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Post by Guest on 30/3/2010, 18:00

Current Live Issues Listed Below; (yes its a long list)

For More Info And Updates On The Current Issues Click Here
(Please note the page may take time to load)

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

  • Creating new Xbox LIVE accounts, managing those accounts, or recovering an account on a different console
  • Buying downloadable items from the Xbox 360 console, Xbox.com, or Games for Windows – LIVE
  • Paying for downloadable items with a credit card
  • Signing into Games for Windows – LIVE on a PC
  • Redeeming downloadable items with Microsoft Points, buying additional Microsoft Points, or viewing your points balance
  • Using prepaid cards or codes for downloadable items or Xbox LIVE subscriptions
  • Purchase transactions using the Games for Windows LIVE client.
  • Users may be unable to render the maps within the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Map Pack.
We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience

Hopefully this will help all of you that are wondering what is wong

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Post by Guest on 30/3/2010, 18:02

Picked this off XBL forum , hopefully will be sorted soon

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Post by Guest on 31/3/2010, 09:40

thanks for info Keltic

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Post by Guest on 6/4/2010, 11:59

new update 6/4/10

USB Memory Support for the Xbox 360 coming
April 6th

On April 6th, we will be releasing a system update
over Xbox LIVE for your Xbox 360 that will allow USB flash
drives to be used for storing profiles, game saves, demos and more
I’ve been testing this feature out for a few weeks, and I have to say
it’s really great. Once you take the system update on April 6th,
you’ll be able to connect your USB flash drives to your console and
head over to the memory section to configure your new storage device.
Once you do that, the system will conduct a one time performance and
integrity check to confirm the drive is working properly. You will then
be able to configure how much storage to use on the device, up to 16 GB.
The remaining space on the flash drive will be accessible by your PC or
Mac. USB Hard drives may work, but like flash memory, you’ll only be
able to use up to 16GB of space. Since performance on flash based USB
storage is usually better, I highly recommend using flash based instead of
spinning media like a hard drive…it’s just going to give you a MUCH better
experience. We’ve also enhanced the memory management
functions, so you’ll be able to have better control on what you want to
copy or move between storage devices. A couple of

  • You can have 2 devices connected to the
    console at a time, enabling up to 32GB of simultaneous storage.
  • The system won’t just configure the device once it is connected to
    the console. You’ll need to head to the memory area in system settings,
    select your USB Device, and choose from Configure Now (Format and
    Configure the Full Device), or Customize (you can choose how much memory
    you want configured for Xbox360 from the free space on the device.)
While any flash drive can be used, we are partnering with SanDisk to release an
Xbox 360 branded USB flash drive in May that comes pre-configured out of
the box and ready to go. I’ll provide links to those drives once
they’re available. Until then, starting April 6th (when we
release the system update)
you can pop any flash drive over 1GB
into your Xbox 360 and configure it as storage. I’ve posted a bunch of screen shots that show you what
the experience is like with a USB flash drive
, as well as a look at
the new memory management screens.

We hope you’ll enjoy this flexible new way to manage your Xbox 360 profile and game data.

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Post by Lord Farnswaller on 6/4/2010, 12:32

like the usb stick idea

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