Arc, current and future information

11/4/2018, 12:37 by Arc Keltic

Heads up regarding Arc site and its future. First of all i was able to one off restore the deleted accounts , so that gives those interested a second chance to use their accounts, at the beginning of May i will permanently ┬ádelete inactive …

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Founders recognition group

1/4/2018, 13:29 by Arc Keltic

Following discussion with Lord F and Six i've created a special group called founders. Basically the group has staff level status in recognition of their contributions to the site over the years and the fact they are the founding fathers of arc, but …

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Domain down

8/10/2010, 08:16 by Anonymous

The domain was down last night,i have now re registered and all back up and running, for future ref if you cannot access the site or are having difficulties please use our forumotion default which is...
"http:// …

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The future of ARC

27/3/2018, 12:07 by Arc Keltic

Hi folks, I've been thinking on the future of Arc and as things stand the site is not sustainable. My personal preference is to develop the site as a place to discuss latest game news and reviews etc across console and pc platforms and use it as a …

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