Ads disabled

16/3/2018, 11:21 by Arc Keltic

I've disabled ads for 12 months for registered users of the forum. The clan domain unfortunately has now expired and is unavailable to purchase.

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Arc under new management.....or really really old

15/3/2018, 11:20 by Arc Keltic

Hi folks, Ive returned and now taken over the running of the site. As its the 10th year i thought its time to revive the site that brought us together and on that theme any thoughts and plans will be gratefully received.

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Arc will soon be 10 years old.

22/2/2018, 14:02 by Keltic

Arc is heading towards its 10th year.

So wtf is going on? Loads of you guys are still gaming, but not together. Looked around and the site is still there, you guys are still alive so why the hell don't we restart/relaunch the whole bloody thing …

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Try my Project Cars 2 game on XBox (TTC?)

7/10/2017, 19:15 by w_a_i_n

Ok, you guys know my sad opinion of Forza 7. I still long for lapping action (TTC's).

Soooo, I NOW OWN Project Cars 2 for Xbox!! I won it used/as-new on eBay. I actually own PC2 for my PC. Anyone wanting new TTC's, can try it. I've started a list …

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