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Modded controllers

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Modded controllers

Post by Guest on 15/11/2010, 15:19

After some recent queries about ARC and using modded controllers it's time to clarify our position, The staff here at ARC feel that this cheating and not in keeping with the spirit of the ARC community and as such fall foul of ARC rule 6.

6. As a member of the ARC community your online actions reflect on this site , any member bringing ARC into disrepute whether by glitching/hacking games(Modded controllers, Lag switches, Jtag etc) or getting involved in public flame wars etc will have their account suspended/banned.

Loose description.
Modded controllers can do 2 things ,(1) 10x rapid fire (2) Act as lag switch, Also while some rapid fire controllers are sold openly by many shops they are not recognised by XBL or PSN as they alter the natural play of the game.

Therefore any member seen to be using one can be banned from the site as we as a group feel this damages our integrity.
If you feel an ARC member is in any way glitching please pass the relavant info to a member of staff along with any proof.

Also on the off chance there are any members here involved in any boosting of any kind we ask that you either stop doing it or have the decency to distance yourself from ARC .


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