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Looking for people take over...

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Looking for people take over...

Post by Tattastic on 12/1/2017, 20:53

Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed me and Wez have not been around much recently. Which lead to some downtime in October, as we did not realise that the web domain had expired - Thanks to Wez for sorting that out, once we were made aware of this.

Wez posted on the Facebook back in October that unfortunately due to circumstances outside of the clan and gaming, he does not have the time to give to ARC, and would like someone to step into his shoes as Admin. Unfortunately I am in the same position, due to other commitments like running a youtube channel (and being involved in others), writing and creating video reviews for a gaming website and being involved in a gaming podcast - pair this with a full time job it leaves little spare time to be involved in running the community.

So, really we would like someone to take over it all. We have offered this back to the previous admins, and also opened it up to the current moderators, but have had no takers.

If you are interested please message me, as Wez doesn't get chance to get on, and I can discuss it with him at work.

Thanks - Tattastic
ARC staff
ARC staff

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Re: Looking for people take over...

Post by SixenSix on 16/1/2017, 12:38

If nobody wants to take over the site just leave it open Tatt. At least us old timers can pop in whenever we feel like.....at least until October when it'll automatically close Neutral

Ps. Thanks to you and Wez for keeping the site open the last couple of years. Got a lot of great memories from this place since we started it back in 2008 cheers


ARC Post Whore
ARC Post Whore

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Re: Looking for people take over...

Post by monkeyboy2109 on 21/2/2017, 14:19

I joined in 2009 and was the best gaming thing I ever did!

Sent you a PM Tatt :)

By monkeyboy2109 at 2010-03-04 ARC Awards: Level 3 - 17 achievo's - 125 G's[/center]
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ARC staff

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Re: Looking for people take over...

Post by JustMeD on 9/3/2017, 17:43

Though I'd drop by for a wee visit as its been a while. Sorry to hear that you guys aren't able to keep the auld ship running. I know too well what its like trying to juggle life and gaming. It's been quieter on our forum too the last while. I see Monkey has sent a PM so hopefully that could be good news. If there's anything I can help with let me know as this was my first online gaming home and I'll always have memories of the good old CoD days.
ARC 23
ARC 23

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Re: Looking for people take over...

Post by Sponsored content

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