Who are Ancient Relics Coalition - ARC

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Who are Ancient Relics Coalition - ARC

Post by Guest on 11/6/2010, 08:52

We are as the name implies a clan for older gamers who are in the range of 21 to 50+ years old and are a mix of British, Irish, Australian, Canadian, Scandinavian and American nationalities. We are not worried about how many points you have or how good or bad an individual is at any game, we're here to enjoy ourselves and play xbox games with both old and new friends. At ARC we are not involved in Gaming Leagues, this site was created for the more casual gamer.

The ARC forum is all about being sociable, having fun as well as talking about games and making new friends Very Happy There are a few non game related boards for things like sports, movies, jokes etc. Politics is not discussed at ARC !!.

There are a few rules on our site we expect to be followed, mainly concerned with keeping thing's fun and showing respect to your fellow gamers. If you feel this could be the right place, register for an account and you will be made welcome Very Happy

ARC Staff

Admin- Tattastic, wezbloke

Mods- ARC Fireangel, Mutantblues, MCE 81, USMCWeatherman, Ninja Bob, MyNameIsInigo

If you have have any queries regarding ARC, the forum or accounts here feel free to message any of the staff and they will do their best to help you.

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